Monday, April 27, 2009

All In Fun

Tonight, while tussling with Little Girl, I was told by the less-than-pint-sized person, to "lay down, you're a' I'm'a pwince...." I lay down on the floor, of course. She then asks me to close my eyes. It's important to note here, never completely close your eyes around a small child, especially when asked, even if it's the sweetest request in recorded history. Don't do it. I learned that lesson early on, having been head butted too many times to consider lidded blindness an option at all. I keep my eyes ever so slightly open, to ward off the possible onslaught of toy-foot-pillow-elbow-hand-boogery-fingers-knees-bum. Or what's better than those? Drool, oh, yeah, drool, spittle, saliva...drippy slimy goo. Zerburtz, thank-you-very-much Mr. Cosby, are the order of the evening. But only post "wrestling". I'm almost positive Fiona meant rescuing, but she kept insisting it was wrestling, so I went with it. Anyway, asked to lay down, I'm awaiting the "wrestling", she plonks little hands to each side of my face and proceeds to shake my head back and forth, while her little nose is less than an inch away. Giggling like a fiend! So she "wrestles" me a few more times, finger up my nose, then the zerburtz begin. I love a good zerburt, when done well there's very little mess. But little persons who yet have the fine motor skill to raspberry without dousing the party opposite with spit-spray, well, she's somewhat less skilled. So her zerburtzs are slobbery and wet. It's hard to resist wiping a cheek off after a sloppy kiss, I don't want to offend, but then that must be my issue, 'cause I'm positive she notices not at all. She got the biggest kick tonight from my {much exaggerated} reaction to her zerburtz, and her sudden ability to yank me over by my hood from sitting upright.
What a mix up it suddenly is, how fantastic & exciting to have control, even if in play, even if for a short time! Eventually we calmed down, and then it was bedtime.
A lovely day all in all!