Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank Goodness They're Washable

This past Saturday, I got up really early for volunteering at a health fair, Fiona of course when with me. She watched Wall-E on the laptop off to the side, then had a melt down when it was time to go---it was drizzling, chilly and therefore we couldn't visit the park. In a public situation, remembering to have understanding for a child's disappointment is difficult when she's caterwauling. After an eye-level inside-voice, explanation regarding the things we cannot change, and only can accept, we departed the church. Little one showed signs of tiredness, I was wasted from a late workout the night before + unusually early morning, upon arriving home I put her down for nap. Then I promptly passed out knowing that The Other Half was on his way home. Gary arrives and as it turns out Fiona didn't nap at all, she decided to color her extremities blue...arms, legs, & her face for good measure...

Notice how the dress somehow stayed pretty spotless? wow. Thank the Goodness markers are certainly washable---and so are children. If I had done this with markers as a kid I most likely would have spent a few days partially krishna-fied.
Later, I spent 3.5 hours on a spin bike in the gym---talk about mental toughness training. But I'm proud that I got it done. Minus a run last week when I think I was somewhat ill (Little One was ill previous weekend, as she goes, so do I) my volume for the week looks lovely. Spring is here, the birthdays are next week, I'm scrambling for something to treat Fiona to...we just don't know many people up this way yet, and her friend Jack will be out of town. Something will occur to me I'm sure.
A beautiful day for a run today!

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