Saturday, April 11, 2009

As a Mamma

I learn to prioritize and multi-task as never before, this is all On The Job Training.

I will clean a morning poo-diaper before breakfast---before coffee, even!

Joining Big Bear & Mama Horse, I squeeze under table too small, into chair too short in order to be served Fairy Blue Tea on a checker table cloth.

I deal with goop of all kinds...poo-goop, poop, nose goop, food goo, play-doh boogers spread about, drool, paint-goop, glue-goo...

I've mentally transformed crumbs as Little Persons' pixie dust.

I decipher gibberish, I'm fully capable translating for gnomes at this point.

After almost 3 years I feel I've mastered Mom-speak, the voice, intonation, verbiage, semantics that only other mothers really understand why we talk like that.

I get more excited than ever before when gifts and surprises are in store.
I get to say things like "Don't eat snow off your boots!"
"Kitty doesn't like it when you push on his eyeball."
"Do you think the key looks comfortable to put in your ear?"
"Yes, sweetheart, everybody & everything poops."

What I give of myself and what I give up sometimes overwhelms if I'm not vigilant in caring for myself so that I may take the best care of my loved ones.

My life is not my own, by choice. Now I know what no one could really describe, what no one could convince me of---now I know why my life is not my own by choice. If I'm to truly wring every drop of human existence from this life, being a Mother, a parent, is an integral part. As a Mama I embrace the change (Choose Having A New Growth Experience), as painful and terrifying as it can be, I strive to always be a better person over all, so I can be a better example to my daughter.

I love my life as a Mama.

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