Saturday, May 2, 2009


After 31 years (32 tomorrow) folks, I have had a real allergic reaction, unless you count poison ivy/oak, which I don't---or didn't until I found out that the effect is cumulative, the more a person is exposed over time, the more extreme the reaction. Tuesday, I peeled a mango, peeled it then ate it. Wednesday my ear itched something fierce, had bumps on it. Thursday my eye itched then my mouth, all on the left side of my face. Today my eye is more swollen than before, I feel like I'm deformed, just add a hump and I'm set to play Igore.

I know notta-damn-thing about allergies, only the very general information, and I've no idea how long this will last, or how it should be dealt with. After taking a Benadryl last night I passed out cold on the couch, slept all night, and woke up still puffy & red marked. Isn't there some way to make it stop right now? I don't wanna have a puffy face birthday!

Do. Not. Ever. PEEL. The Mango.

*post post, edit; apparently it's ill advised to excercise while having an allergic my workouts wednesday & thursday, sticking to my training plan, most likely made the initial reaction worse, so, here I sit, waiting it out...unable to do much else. :(

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Trishie said...

yikes !! Can you call the doc and see if there is anything you do to get the swelling down?