Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, there's Easter morning. Basket full of candy and toys, chocolate for breakfast, then scrambled eggs, then more chocolate, then a Hunt, and boiled eggs snack....then more sugar, of the Peep variety.

I can feel it coursing through my veins. There will be a sugar hangover later today, tomorrow, no doubt. In Kids Club at The Gym, there's a trend toward a screaming fest the day after sugar-laden holidays, Halloween & Christmas, of course Easter. Mommies dropped the kiddos positive that a day-after-holiday workout is the thing, and the poor girls working the day care are faced with a couple dozen denizens of dessert caterwauling on the 'cane-crash. Sugar really is like crack for kids. Images of tots trying to score some 'cane on the playground come to mind. Fiona inevitably asks more please, just before the melt-down begins.

We dyed eggs at Miss M's house, The Easter Bunny had to do some late night shopping to flesh out the basket goodies, and now Mama is listening to the Non-Nap of the latent sugar high. The initial crash was pretty nasty. After a short discussion of how fun the day would still be if she made the choice to enjoy it, Fiona pulled it back together and it was out of doors on The Hunt. Only 15 minutes or so and it was all over, chilly and damp outside, does not a great egg-hunt-environ make.

A possible Re-Hunt this afternoon with a play-buddy, nothing much planned other than couch cuddling, play off basketball for Gary, and a long run for me. A lovely weekend all in all!

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