Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is it a home or an office? :)

Gary had a phone meeting today. Fiona was awake and toddling about, 'talking', squealing, tantrum-ing. At one point she wanted Papa to read her a story, he was still "in a meeting" I had to go distract her, "Don't work in my office, I won't play in yours, right?" Smiled.

Gary has started a contractor consulting group, in fact it is called General Contractor's Consulting Group, LLC (GCCG). The website will be available end of this week at the latest, I think it's a great idea and we both hope it does well.

Fiona can feed herself properly, well, properly enough for me! When she's in the mood I can pretty much set her food out on her chair-tray and then make something for myself.
I'm hungry a LOT, especially since I've been training more lately, and if you know me at all you don't want me to be hungry around you. You're makin' me hungry, you won't like me when I'm hungry. Sometimes I do, in fact, turn green--unfortunately it's with nausea.
We went to music class today, I think a teacher that plays guitar makes a positive difference, OR it could be the teacher, this one was different.
Aside: is there anything in the world that smells better than your child? I think not.

It's chilly outside, darn right cold in the morning, we'll have to get snow boots & winter gear pretty soon! OH, goody-goody-gum-drops!

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