Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beware the SQUIRRELS

After I swam today, I ran the footpath around the park with Fiona in the jogger. As is our habit, we visited to playground so Fiona can get her wiggles out & have a snack. I like the park here, there are always other little ones about & moms to talk to.
At one point I glanced back at my super-kewl baby jogger and there were squirrels hanging onto it...climbing on it, trying to get into the netted pockets on the sides! A chubby little girl ran screaming at the jogger, the squirrels bolt, but then come right back. Chubby-girl repeats screaming attack with same effect, but squirrels only move away some then stand their ground, beady eyes gleaming for the next bit of fodder. Now, I'm not afraid of small rodent-like animals--I once had a rat, yes, a RAT as a pet--but there is something creepy about a squirrel bold enough to attack a plastic bag for a cookie, then stand it's ground and look at you like you're the one acting nuts. As we were leaving the area, I saw the remainder of Fiona's cookies, still in ziploc, in the tiny grip of a tricksy squirrel.

Miss Fiona likes to put socks on her hands, it very important that a sock is on her hand at least once a day for a little while...I'm guessing she's practicing putting them on, it's just the wrong appendage.

And if anyone is wondering, that's a brand new's amazing what will keep a toddler occupied for half an hour.

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