Sunday, October 7, 2007

Life as a Game of Memory

Remember (hah) the game Memory? With all the little cards, different pictures on each one, only two of each picture though. Lay them all out face down, then flip them over one at a time and try to remember where the pairs are located, having successfully paired two butterflies, umbrellas, or birthday cakes, you remove those cards then try again.
Now, imagine this game permeates your life, and there's a Toddleator wandering about mixing up the cards, moving them, hiding them, eating or tearing them apart covertly--while you're playing. Thus is my life, at least it seems that way sometimes! I am always scanning my memory for last glimpse of sippy cup, snack-trap, random where did I see the horsey/blankie/doll-shoe last?
The Toddleator strikes again, I've wandered the place for 10 minutes looking for the sippy cup, cannot locate it, then in hindsight--ah, yes, she was playing in the cabinets first thing this morning--there it is, neatly placed in her cabinet next to a couple of stacking blocks and a rock. And once for a split second everything is in order, all is quiet, but not for long...she'll be back.

Yesterday Gary, Fiona, & I went to the Pumpkin Harvest at Four Mile Park. What a neato-kewl place! I wish we had arrived sooner, Fiona was tiring already by the time we got there. People in period costume, hay-rides, potato sack races & tug'o'war, scare-crow assembly, crafts, frontier seminars, bake sales, not to mention the field of pumpkins ready to be adopted and mutilated into something spooky. I learned 2 things: 1. Don't let Gary navigate--he always argues with the GPS, 2. If I let Gary buy the pumpkin bread, I won't get any :)
We had lotsa fun, Fiona ran around, got real excited whenever the horses went by and seemed to enjoy stumbling around the pumpkin patch trying to lift or sit on all the gourds.

Have you a pumpkin roller? We do, oh yes, we do!

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