Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gary Won't TRI...but Ada will!

I have begun training for a triathlon. Just a sprint distance (350 yd swim, 15.5 bike, 5k run) but it's a start. I'm pretty excited about it, and definitely scared outta my wits. The training is essentially bike & lift one day, swim & run the next--that's what it is right now anyway. I joined an online training group for support with training plans, nutrition, gear, answers all my questions, etc. If you're bored one day and want to see what I've been up to....
This is week three for me, the race is on December 2 (Mom's birthday) in Flower Mound. How cosmic is it that I suddenly decide to do this, and there's a race so conveniently located & timed for me?

Fiona has begun using crying as a means of "communication", i.e. she'll rant & rave if I won't give in for one more Baby Einstein video. Her new favorite to show displeasure is to flop to the ground on her belly & lay there in lamentation (Much like Byrnes last night when he was OUT & the ROCKIES WON the NLCS). She really tries to talk, but mostly it comes out MAMMEE, or some semblance thereof in so much gibberish. The other day when she signed a want for banana, I said, can you say "Yes, please"? She sounded out, "Yaaw peeezz". WOW, that was cool. I really wish I could understand her more, the baby signs help a lot, like I've said before though, I have to distinguish between the sign and the say.

Gary's GCCG website is up and running, check it out and let him know what you think!
Otherwise enjoy earsocks...

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