Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chili in & Chilly out

Have you ever tried to dress a peek-a-boo toddler? It's challenging to put a sweater on someone who insists on playing peek-a-boo with almost everything. Running into the living room naked with her hoodie towel, pulling it over her eyes going a little farther, then pulling it up and saying, "WHOOO!" As if she's surprising herself where she ends up next.
Little turdlets, yes turdlets, in a trail on the floor 'cause I let her run about a little too long after bathtime. Easy cleanup though, at least it's not diarrhea!

This past weekend Gary tried to sleep in, I didn't close the bedroom door completely...Fiona went and got the noisiest toy she has, the popcorn popper, and dragged it into the bedroom then proceeded to pop-pop-poppity-pop-POP-POP-pop! I laughed and laughed as Gary remarked that it's possible she did it with purpose. *smart baby!*
She likes to play with her shoes, putting them on then making a point of taking me to the door, or the closet where the stroller is, to say "hey, lets go outside, mom!" It's hard to explain that she can't go out in just her pj's and shoes, no matter how cute she is!

She says Mammy or Mamma. Yesterday, I heard her in her room calling me and when I didn't go in there fast enough (I'm still getting used to responding to Mamma), she made an exasperated sound and came to get me, grabbed my hand to lead me to her frustrations. Just now she's beginning to say Papa, although it's more like Bah-bha, she'll sign something instead of trying to say it. So I've begun making distinction between them, "Yes, that's the sign for Papa, now can you say 'Papa'?"

Fall officially, uh, fell on Sunday! I'm trying to expand my weather-mind, I've gotten so used to it being warm ALL the time where the chillys only come temporarily. I have to remind myself that this isn't a passing thing, it will only get cooler from here on out--until May or so. I'm faced with a whole new set of logistical problems in dressing Fiona. It's an almost constant worry that she's too hot or too cold. Layers, layers, and more layers I suppose is the key. At least I know she'll try to take something off if she's hot.

We spent equinox at the Denver Broncos game against the Jaguars. We lost, it was great fun though, I had a brat & beer, we cheered and boo-ed with the best of them. A family of 4 sitting in front of us, parents with grown kids, were really into it. They'd jump up & give high-fives all around when The Broncos made something happen out there. Fiona was concerned when we first got to our seats, then relaxed, and only started signing 'all done' at half time. I knew she would prefer to leave when she fussed some returning to our seats after the diaper change, when I sang, "Lets go, Bron-cos!" to the amusement of other ladies in the loo. Next time we'll take the light rail, or do park & ride bus, this time it was a taxi--and taxis are difficult to come by immediately after a football game!

After an entire day last week of concentrated organizing, sifting, & storing, all of my things are sorted. I lack only to put away my clothes properly, I'm tempted to just toss everything that's summery, which is most of it, then I can have some fun for winter & next spring. I've even started working on Fiona's 1st year scrapbook--finally! I wanted it to be her first birthday gift, I guess she'll never really know how belated a gift it is, unless I remind her!

HEY, WOW, THE LEAVES ARE A CHANGIN'!! We went to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, we plan to go again end of this week and will remember the camera card this time. Did you know if you wash n' dry a SanDisk it will most like be OK afterward? I was more than pleasantly surprised! Got a membership to the NPS and look forward to going to all the parks within driving distance as mush as possible to get to know the seasons. I might even volunteer some time with them.
I miss my brother & sister, Mom & Pop, and everyone who is familial-like to me, but then I always get this way during the fall. I would love to hear from you all, or see you if you should happen by on the way somewhere, or even if you want to see some neato flame colored trees or do some fly-fishing or hunting. Much love, eat some chili when it's chilly!

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aims said...

Hey there. Sounds like you are fittin right in to things! How are you going to cheer when the Cowboys come your way?

I got a taste of cold yesterday morning. I was in Seattle and saw my breath for the first time in who knows how long!

Yes, layers and layers is the best thing to do for Fiona. She'll peel off what she doesn't want on. Get ready for winter. I kind of miss the sweater season, but not THAT much! Do you have a fireplace?

Take care, hugs to your family, and I'll try and call you soon!
Miss you!