Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hapai the Third

This has been almost fun, definitely easy.  Now that we're in the last trimester I've become fairly encumbered with the basketball I'm smuggling, my feet have receded beyond my view, hard to tie my shoes while standing, discomforting other symptoms only mitigated with horizontal rest and exceptional diet, hunger resultant of my cardio activity has been foremost almost every moment, heartburn is becoming a more consistent daily experience, and my innards are really beginning to be tenderized with this little person's antics.

Dieta change? or different gender?  We won't know until the New Person arrives toward the end of May.  The systems check indicated all is definitely well as development is concerned thus far.  I recognize my pregnancies with the girls, differing slightly, had more in common than either experience with this pregnancy. Notes: no serious continual food aversions; actually forgetting for an instant here and there that I am pregnant, thinking I need to hit the gym in a bad way, up until recently as my rotund shape does not allow me to forget; 'morning' sickness was wholly tied into my choice for breakfast (before it was like an all day hangover), my husband has not said to me "you smell different"; even church acquaintances notice that I'm carrying differently than with E, more forward and less outward, I haven't gained as much weight this time, definitely associated with diet.  I feel really good most of the time, other than bodily fatigue, all is well.  If this is what subsequent pregnancies will be like, I could totally do this again---although I'm not especially game to put the strain on my body.  Really happy with the age difference between E and the New One, allowing my body to heal completely, regain muscle tone, and there's a decent gap for E before her world changes drastically.  F is totally into the whole idea of being Biggest Sister. She's excited to help both with E's transition to sisterhood and getting hands-on with the infant, and she's already forming a bond with the baby, still announcing to everyone that mayn't have noticed the obvious right away, "my Mom's pregnant!"

Meditation while pregnant (M.w.P) is interesting, when I get still for a bit of time there's extra kicking & squirming.  I skipped my spring class (SOMAS 601), even though I'd've enjoyed getting it finished, I really just wanted to do the class alone, and that's impossible until Fall.  Besides, with the move happening I wasn't willing to add yet another activity to our already very busy schedule.

Content, happy, healthy, harmonious, and excited to meet this New Person!

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