Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 38 (Sunday, today)
Meditation 20
prayer, and communing in online with Mile Hi broadcast
walking 60 outside gorgeous!
chatty with dear friend
The Firstborn made breakfast, and that was fun, then she tantrummed enough to be confined to her room indefinitely for the day
reading Exodus, yes as in The Bible, the Llamsa version compared to the NRSV Green Bible, searching for references of the Jews as slaves, which neither had; both referred to the severe "oppression" but never used the word "slave", we were watching the History Channel's The Bible
also read some Tolstoy before bed

Day 37 (Saturday)
omigawd the cursed screaming & crying lamentations today!
sitting meditation 10 with a warm little body leaning on me, giving random kisses, and while not being still keeping very quiet
hangin' with neat like-minded people for parties and other gatherings, then ice cream treat afterward

Day 36 (Fri)
children slept in (??), walking all about the Science museum
followed by much prayer in the car on the way home (see Mayhem,
reading Tolstoy
reclining meditation (focused breathing for a time),
rest, and flat refusal to be vertical for a bit more time
chatting with meeting buddies about newest development with The House
eating well enough considering it's shopping day, but by dinner time, as we're all out at the grocery, it ended with cracker crust pizza

Day 35 (Thurs)
spin bike 20, walking 20
reclining meditation, well 'cause I just didn't want to be vertical any more, which turned to resting
reading ITwtI (Trine), Karenina (Tolstoy)
eating king, prince, pauper---well by dinner I'm incredibly hungry again, I'm chalking it up to my increased cardio activities, The Baby is HUNGREE
prayer and a lot of it
loving and grateful for a wonderful Man who will just hold me and let me cry it out that I feel protected from those Little People with whom I feel like a target some days

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