Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ransom Box Update

Hooray for the newest mechanism of empowering my kiddos to take care of their things and make contributions to the household!  I *heart* the Ransom Box!
Miss Marvelous Monkey chose to do SEVEN ransoms t'other day.  Included wiping baseboards, 10 hugs n' kisses for Mama saying "Only Turkeys leave their toys out," wiping inside of vehicle, reading quietly for 15 minutes in her room, cleaning windows/mirrors upstairs, and a couple others.  It's easier and more fun when my reaction to her ransom demand is smiling dramatic incredulity, "What?  that's not fair!  you always pull things you like to do!"  She completed them all in reasonable time and chose 7 items out of the box to replace in our newly organized play/craft room.

Even Toddleator E is in on the game, though she struggles a little with the requirement of doing something in order to get what she wants from the box.  Of course in her case I might modify the demand, making it somewhat simpler.  The last slip she drew was yelling "I love my mama, she takes care of me!" 10 5 times.

This weekend I will prep for starting our first month of home's-cool, and The Man and I will celebrate a little for our 9th anniversary.  Happy holiday weekend!
: )

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