Saturday, September 1, 2012

Some Enki notes

"...growth is a process of moving from the known to the unknown, which entails working with dynamic tensions."

Body, speech, and mind....
all three awarenesses are part of the human experience at all times from birth to death. However, there is a flavor or texture that underlies the quality of learning and growing in each phase....all the are always part of us, we will only have the automatic, open access to the full scope of each awareness in its own time....during this time it is our job to nourish and strengthen the capacity; only then will we be free to draw on each gift as needed in adulthood.

...there are always moments of gap or fertile space, in which virtually anything is possible.when we notice and make use of these they become times of grace--when growth and change are possible in any capacity, regardless of history.

When Learning becomes collection, not connection--delight is lost.

...conceptual work actually undermines the full physical/neurological development, experience of wholeness, and the ability to openly absorb the natural tasks and gifts odd early childhood...highly academic program because focus is on building foundation which all academic learning depends.

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