Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A shift

And then there's a shift...some taste in the air, just a tinge of palpable temperature or moisture.  Not so much to do with getting school running again, the prepping, the excitement, the anticipation.  This is an inward knowing that the summer is moving on.  Out the window this morning, while Miss Monkey practices handwriting and we chat about Little Falcon's story, I enjoy the proof that autumn is slowly making her presence known.

There's always a part of me that resists, and there's a part that is excited to see what happens next, of course there's a balance (generally).  I've learned that with each moment, seasonal passage, each phase of life's dynamic equilibrium, when I'm fully present stretching out and feeling into all the crevices of passing moments I am less likely to mourn the passage of time.  I'm not perfect at this practice cause perfection doesn't exist the way we may think.  Practice makes progress, and I'm all about progress.  I'm incredibly thankful that I have this insight so early in my lifespan.
Happy day!
: )

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