Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I think maybe I should get a reward when I'm able to get a workout in with these little people in tow.  Today after much waiting round for them to finish a last minute snack (that I now realize I should've used to make sure the gym bag was packed) we finally made it to the gym....but only after I wasted another 1/2 hour trying to get music into my swami phone, successfully completed; however, would've been smarter to ignore the Verizon BS that popped up when I plugged the device in.  Hindsight, no?

My new running shoes just begging for a tryout I was excited, until I realized I wouldn't be able to get in everything I aimed to, kidsclub just not open long enough.  No matter, run some anyway, new kicks need a break in period so kept it short, besides finding that I forgot my water bottle I was forced to keep it short.  Head to locker room only to find as I unpack for a swim that I've left my towels at home...nothing to dry off with, unless I tried using my pants but as they're fleece I didn't think the absorbency would serve.

I give up.

New shoes are awesome, but will require more focus on run form as they're lower profile than anything I've used before.  Got to get E to nap with little trouble, and listened to F excitedly read another BOB Book from the library.  "Wow, that's cool, I'm actually reading it!" she said, pausing between pages.  SO FUN.

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