Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boasting of Birthdays

Progress of the My Big 6.  Miss Monkey practices her bike a bit.  I see her balance well, then appears to be so excited she's doing it, she wobbles a tiny bit and jumps off.  She tries again a few times, then decides to call it a day on the bike.  She's reading, for real, sounding out words and reading!  It is thrilling.  I think about how the world is just opening up for her, reading is the first step on so many adventures.  No loose teeth yet, although she's incredibly excited for her turn to put something out for the tooth fairy. (yes, we do believe in magic in this house).

She was beside herself with excitement about her mani-pedi party with her little friends.  All day she was compliant and [mostly] pleasant in helping with everything that needed to be done to prep for the event.  I indicated to her what needed to be done, gave her the choice of what order to do it in, and reminded her that if she needed a break to g'head and take one for a bit, then move on.  I didn't feel I had to remind her much at all---> *joy*!  

There were 2 friends that joined us for manis & pedis, they were stellar.  Bemused with the personalities involved, I mostly observed the dynamic unless it edged on mean-spirited.  They squealed and giggled the entire evening, watched some of a movie, then bedded down and passed summarily out.

A complete success, with grace and ease!

My Birthday, which was the day before, was a gloriously packed day with friends and errands, ending with PF Chang's and 14 Hands.  Happy to start the next year getting more grateful, more loving, and more successful with every thing and in every way!

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