Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas to All

Busy bodies cramming visits amidst holiday errands and common responsibilities.
A tree arrives. 
Soft needles, strong gorgeous scent, beating light heart, 
the growing familial collection of ornaments.

Family visiting, pleasant and playful.  Uncle and Auntie then exit graceful.
Hidden gifts, secreted away, finally reappear brightly wrapped.
Excitement excruciating for little girls, 
counting days down.

Warm Christmas kitchen, spiced nuts and gingerbread. Oh-so-delightful aromas fill my home.
Gifts abound, goodwill is great.

Above all
spending time, making memories with dear friends, enjoying each presence,
better than presents.
The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well here, as I wish it with you as well.

Love & Light this season, 

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