Saturday, October 24, 2009

Preggie Punkin Clothes

I shopped for maternity clothes today. A chore, but more fun this time around as I'm in totally different shape than when we started this whole family process 4 years ago. I know what is practical to wear, I know what I like to wear. I'm really getting more comfortable with a "love the belly" attitude. I might say that I'm enjoying being pregnant this time, but then it's pretty early on to make that call. When I feel well, much of the time surprisingly, I wonder if I'm really pregnant---it's that different.

Rock Creek Farm is awesome. It's where we went last year to get pumpkins and where I'm sure we'll return for years after, at least until we grow our own. It's a biiig place, the corn mazes aren't less than a mile long, and they won't let anyone into them after 4 pm. Totally a working farm, we saw the Collie out herding the goats on our way in. Today was gorgeous early on with clear views of the mountains & beautiful cloudscapes. "Happy little clouds," said Gary. By the time we got to the farm this afternoon the front had started moving in and chill winds whipped across the pumpkin fields. We didn't spend much time out there this year. The early frost had ruined a lot of the crop, even as novices we could tell. The farmers (or farmers' helpers) had gone ahead and removed most of the viable carving pumpkins and put them in crates for easier access. A really nice customer service touch. As it turns out, only the BIG, thick skinned, super-firm pumpkins survived. So this year our jack-o-lanterns are going to be about the same size---certainly not an issue for Fiona, who, insisted on a big pumpkin 'cause she's "a big girl". She was a champ trying to carry it to the car. Priceless.

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