Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Two nights ago I "braved" the tail end of a recent storm to finish Fiona's Mermaid costume. The storm, while not a blizzard, dropped upwards of 18 inches of snow over two and a half days. Thursday last was Fiona's first sledding experience, woe to those who forget their cameras. It wasn't a very big hill, but it was a good sled with good friends and that's what really matters. Yesterday my little girl and I spent a solid hour smashing up the front yard snow building a snow-dinosaur-dragon & snow-fighting. I love the snow. Even though I shoveled 3 times in one day...I.Love.Snow.

Anyway, for a while before tonight with the costume in the works, Fiona has been chattering about "riding the dolphin at the zoo" and some mention of "a mermaid's saddle on the dolphin at the zoo." The first few times, I didn't get it. Then it finally dawned on me that she wanted to ride the dolphin at the zoo in her mermaid costume. OH! So that was our main mission today. Besides Boo at the Zoo, a definite bonus, we had to make it to the Carousel so Fiona could ride the dolphin as a mermaid. Mission accomplished.... ++candy.

Then we headed to Miss M's house for a small Halloween potluck. Always a pleasure to meet new people, and most definitely always fun to hang out with Miss M.


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Trishie said...

you are such a good mommy !