Thursday, October 8, 2009

Barbie Girl in her Barbie world...

But not really. The Jeep---is a hand-down from a good friend. Decals removed it's not really a Barbie Jeep anymore, but I can't resist the residual connection with the song. It's amazing how fast kiddos will pick up a skill that they want to learn. It was supposed to be a surprise on a random Saturday morning, and I almost succeeded in this. Except that Little Girl went out to the yard to play that morning, in a quiet moment I went to look for her. She answered me from the garage, "Mommy! I'm in my white car!!" That's a surprise fail. "Oh, um, Fiona, I'm not sure that's your car. We'll have to wait until Papa comes home, okay?" But she knew, they always know. So, until Gary got home I listened over and over again to "Is it MY car, Mama? It's MY car." To which I replied, "I don't know, we have to wait for Papa." A trip to Target for stickers, and a short tutorial, and she's off. Cruising around the back yard like she's always been driving.

And as a bonus, some video when Little Girl got the upper hand on Mama. I was incapacitated by little flutter-blasts + the insane cute.

It's a real October day, chilly, rainy, blustery...beautiful. We love the fall, it's a generative time for us. Fiona has decided she wants to be a purple mermaid for Halloween. And that "Mama's going to be a pink mermaid, and Papa will be a green mer[maid]." Gary hasn't exactly agreed to this, though he did say that if we procure a grey or white beard, trident, & crown, he would pose a formidable Poseidon. This will be the first time I've attempted sewing a costume, and the most complicated thing I've attempted to make sew far. Miss M & I already have a "playdate" set up for this project.

If you haven't been following football, Broncos beat the Cowboys (woo-hoo!) and are 4-0. Gary is reserving judgment until after they play the Patriots this weekend. I, however, am already on the bandwagon. Why? Because it's FUN. :)
Happy October!

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