Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hapai: Numero Dos

Yup, there's that word again, long time ago I sent out an email announcement with Hapai in the title. I still like "hapai" better than "pregnant". We visited Dr. Eastman-Gallo (here on referred to as Dr. E-G) yesterday, confirmed what I already knew. I heard a faint tiny heart beat; faint 'cause baby was probably hanging out in the back & 'cause as yet is small. In another month we'll hear more. Doc said I was "on target" for 10 weeks.

Fiona was worried about me, she thought that I needed to be fixed. She expressed over and over that she did NOT want to go to the doctor, to which I clarified, "YOU are only visiting the doctor, it's MOMMY that needs to go to the doctor." She said she'd be there "for the doctor to fix me", again clarification that sometimes "we go to the doctor when we just need to know that everything is okay...that's what this is, mommy's going to the doctor for a check-up to see if everything is okay." She handled herself pretty well, enjoyed telling me to lie down on the table & we sang "The Ants Go Marching". Gary was there, and the two of them went to go get chocolate milk while I finished up with the Doc. I was supposed to get blood-work done but the fire alarm went off. A real fire alarm, not a drill. So we sat outside a few minutes and watched the firemen arrive & dress, then go into the building. Exciting, especially for Little Girl! Maybe we'll hear about the alarm reason when I return for the blood-work in a couple of weeks.

So we're excited! Fiona's not exactly sure about what's happening 'cause there's no physical evidence (i.e. BELLY, yet). And it's a long way 'til sibling Thomas arrives. Not sure how much information really sinks in, and what is spouted back can be convoluted. Starting another kind of endurance "race", but when I think about it pregnancy is only the first leg of the race. Then comes baby-hood, toddler-hood, preschooler, so on and so forth. Person-building is a long term endurance challenge, I hope I'm up to the task. As Gary said, I'm getting a promotion.

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