Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh the joys of Christmas toys!

We only bought one thing that takes batteries, the Kid Tough Camera. It's actually pretty neat, I'm considering creating a photoblog solely of Fiona's photography, then letting her 'type' a little here and there for it. Otherwise, when asked if Santa came to our house, she has proudly told several people that the oversized elf (regardless of what the card said) brought her a rocking horse. Later she added the kitchen to that list. She's been very well occupied since Christmas morning!

She's had great fun with the pound-a-peg & stacking train from Granpa, the stacking game from Gramma, loves the placemats from Great Aunt Susan. One pair of Christmas slippers is too big, one pair is too small, the unicorn-rainbow-stars winter hat has gotten lots of use already (yay!), and she loves her new pink coat Papa picked out. Other insane cute things like her 'bone' tee-shirt Papa gave her, and the leopard print velour lounge suit, have been worn until so dirty I had to make her take them off to be washed. I was reminded of a year that my little sister wore leopard print ears and tail almost constantly---are we headed that direction?

So just some pics and bitty movies for fun (photos should all be on Picasa for family viewing/prints also). We did get to ice skate some, I really enjoyed it and so did Fiona, she keeps asking to do it again.

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