Saturday, January 12, 2013

Play off weekend

It's been so nice today.  Super chilly out, apparently going to hover around 20F for the game this afternoon.  We got to attend the last regular season game (Chiefs v. Broncos) a couple of weekends ago, it was cold then but about 10 degrees warmer comparatively.

It's been a fabulously quiet morning, the girls slept in, I made small breakfast then cinnamon rolls, prepped for deviled eggs.  Now the TV comes on and then there are football guffaws and The Man desperately trying to listen to pre-game analysis begging Little Girls to quiet their enthusiasm for "daddy-day".  Funny thing is when they're whispering it's not exactly a quiet, subtle whisper.  It's difficult for my Littles to whisper when their typical volume resides between Loud and YELLING.

Thankfully there haven't been any altercations this morning which had been a habit of Miss Monkey lately.  She'll wake, hang around, mosey downstairs, and somehow she and Toddleator E will immediately begin to fight, and one or both will be sent back to bedroom time.  She's spent the better part of a morning in her room on more than one occasion.  I say it's usually her because typically the Younger has been up and moving cheerfully for almost an hour before her sister.  I've enacted a guideline that unless you're coming to breakfast cheerfully (or at minimum, cooperatively) do not come down doesn't always stand.  One thing I dislike heartily in the mornings is too much noise, especially pre-breakfast.  Precisely why I prefer to wake earlier than everyone else, workout, meditate, (decaf)coffee, email, hopefully some writing, etc. Then the noise can start and I'm prepared.  I'm still working on my mornings, been successful a couple of times; however, it's more difficult when Utero-Baby wakes me around 2-3am.  Then it's hard to get back to sleep while someone is squirming about, and I lack inclination to wake again at 4:30 or so.  I intend that it'll happen though, and change never happens all at once, does it?
Happy weekend!
: )

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