Friday, January 25, 2013

A Personal Improvement Challenge

I noticed something about my posts yesterday, both of them categorized in "tantrums" and timeline labeled "January". I looked at other January posts in the past 5 years and didn't notice anything especially crazed,  some winter blues, but nothing especially either I didn't feel that I could write it out on the blog, or it wasn't pronounced enough to note.  Possibly there's a pattern in development?  The greatest thing about keeping a journal (or blogging) is that one can look back for patterns in behavior, recognizing these, one can change.

So, in the spirit of altering patterns I'm issuing a challenge to myself, publicly here, to commit to 42 days of Self Care, and an extra day for celebrating success! I'll call it my CARE FULL 43, and I will report here every day what I accomplished which may include though not limited to:
  • meditation & prayer, minimum 10'
  • yoga, minimum 15'
  • some cardio activity, minimum 20'
  • spiritual study/reading
  • concsious gratitude
  • meeting minimun twice a week with spiritual family of choice
  • journal at bedtime, even if it's a simple list of Got-it-Done-Today
  • set a timer, take twenty to sixty minutes for my self to rest, read something fun, watch something I enjoy, give myself a facial/spa bath---anything that I want to do simply for that reason, I want to.
  • minimum one random act of kindness
  • tell everyone, "You are Loved"or "I love you" either in kindness or in words
  • feed my body for optimum overall wellness
  • drink more than enough water
  • put a little pocket change in the family "give" jar
  • spend time outdoors
  • loudly laughing with my kids
If you're reading, is there anything you might add?

: )  A

"We may assume that spiritual man is already a success, is already with everything that he needs."
SOM p.270

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”  
~ Martin Luther King

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