Sunday, August 26, 2012


While some inward things sifting through my spirit this past week....

The visualization came to mind of a pendulum, the very long kind I remember from childhood hanging from the ceiling in the science museum.  So slowly moving back & forth in harmony with the Earth's movement.  It was mesmerizing for me, comforting to watch that evidence of our movement, within movement, within movement, through the cosmos.
When I am in operating in harmony with a Higher Power I move like that pendulum, deliberately, with ease, and without effort.  Now and then, some occurrence or some person bobbles into the weight.  It spins and jumps wildly out of balance with it's intended ease of movement, crazed and directionless to observers.  Eventually, it will return to it's original motion.  But this takes time, and patience, and growth with learning.

I found myself so weary yesterday, and this morning.  I only came upon the right word by bibliomancy with a Creative Ideas book.  "God is my strength" it read.  I do forget this often.  When I get so busy that my spiritual life atrophies, I end up searching for fulfilment elsewhere.  Usually my form of self-willed solution involves more and more and more activity, until I'm so busy doing that I am not a being here at all.  I begin my days and weeks then full throttle, teeth bared, grinning desperately, pushing so hard that a complete melt down is inevitable.  I've grown to know this pattern, and I saw it happen most recently as I inadvertently laid off my typical spiritual practice, and went full speed ahead into some new thing I've no idea whether it'll work our or not.  Also, I've no idea whether it's part of my flow & I'm struggling with fear of the unknown OR I'm totally out of sync with god-the-universe.
More will be typical form I wish it would be revealed faster!

I've a new idea of the phrase "home is where the heart is" now.
Happy dreams.
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