Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I got to take advantage of a free yoga class last night at the shala I have been coveting from afar since we moved here. I will take their teacher training some day soon.  Whatever was bothering me before that practice was miniscule by my blissed countenance afterward.
I have a God box, wherein I place prayers as I have done for more than a few years.  It is knocked behind my bedside table periodically by rampaging cats. When I found it today I thought I'd play my "what did God take care of?" Game.  I shake the tube until some prior prayer falls out, take a look at what I wrote, then marvel at all the prayers answered.  This time I kept at it and realized there were much more in there answered than not, so I figured I'd do a little god-box purge.  It's pure peaceful joy seeing how everything really does turn out well, I am cared for, I am loved.  Everything I put to God is well taken care of, all time every time.  And when I come to a scribbled prayer I consider needing more time, or it's for some one I still hold in love, I read it consciously and give it right back to the god-box.

And then a toddler pooped on the floor, and my bliss was detoured somewhat. Geewillikers, do I dislike carpet!

So it goes. Happy day!
: ) 

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