Sunday, August 26, 2012

Botanic Garden Day!

Been meaning to post this since Wednesday last!  Life happens doesn't it?

One of my favorite activities that we discovered last year, Denver Botanic Gardens Homeschool days.  This week was "Journey to Japan", showcasing the newest addition to the gardens, a traditional Japanese garden complete with a snow lantern from sister city Takayama.

Miss Monkey had the camera until the battery died.  We adventured with a Haiku Scavenger hunt, built Bonsai, made bamboo sculptures, tried our hand at Ikebana, and (as time had run out) brought home materials for a miniature Japanese garden.  Bonus, the mamas and I walked the river stone path barefoot activating acupoints per Chinese tradition.  A beautiful, fulfilling day!

Japanese garden, complete with path, river, & bridge. Wait, we'll see things grow!


The combined efforts of the Homeschool Day's children

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