Friday, March 23, 2012

Recent crafts, Enki & others

We gathered the sticks and then F made a house with them, complete with Darth Vader, Luke, Fairies, and Storm Trooper.

I actually remember making stick houses as a small child, this was very comforting and fun for me as well. 

Bird Feeders with pictured items, easy enough for Toddleator to enjoy crafting as well---when she wasn't licking her fingers of peanut butter, eating the old cheerios, or trying the millet.

We hung Toddleator's where she could see it from the window.  The challenge to tie it where squirrels wouldn't reach was impossible, to my mind, without a tall ladder, more imagination and much much more yarn.  Unfortunately, Miss Monkey spent this as "bedroom time", unable to participate until much later that day.  Squirrels got all three feeders we put out.  Squirrels!

Old crayons + flower shape silicon muffin baker = gifts (or new crayons!)

A morning of sewing felt, and we have the ingredients for Stone Soup, which we then had fun acting out.

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