Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Workout Wagon

I'm hanging on by fingertips to the workout wagon, haven't completely fallen off, but it's been close.  Spotty yoga, and running now and then, some weight training when  possible.  Since I've lost my suit swimming has been out of question.  I'm back to where I began years ago with yoga and running solely.  Without a trailer or a bike trainer I'm SOL for riding my bike and can only use imagination for the spin bikes at the gym.  Eating hasn't been too crazy (other than The Fever week).  I've managed to avoid too much process sugar eating alot of quinoa salad and smoothies.  Being without butter for over a week makes one creative with breakfast.  I realized I don't like to eat toast without butter, and I certainly couldn't bake anything.  The holidays approach though, and I'm loathe to try to change the menu, there's just so much comfort in those holiday foods.  Chatting with an acquaintence recently regarding eating vegan-esque, gluten free, etc.  I would totally do it if I personally didn't have to expend the time and energy making the switch.  If I won a personal chef/grocery shopper for a year I would definitely change a lot of what we eat.  For now though I make small changes, like not drinking much milk, eating fatless greek yogurt, more and more veggies and salads, simply cutting back on the bread.  Now that our mega-box store membership is back on I'm enjoying buying organic items (yay!).  A related note, that mega-box store membership happens to represent a big component of abundance & opulence for me.  It's comforting for me to see that there is definitely enough.

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