Saturday, November 12, 2011


Spiritual work is always win-win.  Growth can be uncomfortable, it's worth it though ultimately.  It's kind of double edged though, 'cause once I've done the growth I can't UNgrow.  I can never go back to ignorance (at least not without considerable effort and damage).  The ignorance I'm referring to here is god's freedom misused.  We get what we expect, change my thoughts and I change my life.

Part of this little life-laboratory experiment has come to fruition with little winnings here and there.  I joyfully expect that I will win, hand it over to the universe to work on, let go, and be ready to gratefully receive.  In the past 3 months or so I have won a teething bon-bon from Little Spruce Organics, a new Yo-Yoo wetbag from Snaps & Snails, and a solid gift certificate from Nutured Family.  All three are stellar for all the crunchy mama needs!

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