Monday, May 2, 2011

This is how the time flies.  I looked up and it's May already, and though I'm always writing posts in my head and keeping an active list of interesting or funny subjects, I can't believe I didn't get posting for an entire month!   April was too too fun, we passed around illnesses, there was diarrhea for the kiddos and killer crusty coughing for us adults.  And now the birthdays are here!  Mine is tomorrow, then Miss Monkey's on Wednesday, and Baby E will be 1 on the 11th in 2011.  The party for the three of us is Saturday, I realized last year that it would simply be nigh impossible to try to have cake n' balloons for each of us on each day---leftover cake for weeks, ugh!  So, instead, we're making a tradition of "It's Your Day, Do What You Like".  One snag this year, however.  The Man is out of town for business conference, and so I will not be able to "do whatever I like" for my birthday, I'm sure this will be paid forward in days to come. ; )

My birthday gift is a new camera, hooray!  Now I can again post more photos, and attempt to catch up documenting E's first year.  I leave you with the borrowed camera's best photo of Easter.

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