Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For My Birthday

I got happy-patted on the face by chubby hands first thing.  And loving phone calls from Mom and The Man.
Baby E pooped in the toilet....only 'cause she was crawling 'round the place naked and I caught her up and placed her on the toilet before she did too much damage, she was perfectly happy and trusting to sit there and finish her business.

Miss Monkey announced that she's stopping her thumb-sucking today, as my birthday gift, totally her idea.  She also had a massive breakdown 'cause the vacuum cleaner cord was too tangled for her skills.  If one is familiar with her character, this is the first time she has ever vacuumed.  She'd been mortally terrified of the vacuum since she was an infant so this is a huge step for her.  Before there are any ideas about child labor, vacuuming the carpet under the table is an extra chore she chose to do in order to earn back toys that I have picked up for her.  Lovin' & Logickin'.  She needed a lot of empathy in order to calm herself 'cause the cord wasn't wrapped "straight up and down".

Maybe I'll make it to the gym in a reasonable amount of time, maybe I'll get my entire workout in today?  maybe I'll just stick around the house and end up sewing something else or baking goodies just for fun.  The Man is out of town, otherwise I might be able to take the day off in the sense that moms ever get days off.  ; )
Always an adventure, Happy Day!

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