Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She's 1 on the 11th in 2011

Yep, an actual, real delivery photo.  One year ago today.

And now, a year later, Birthday Dress at Mile Hi

Birthday Muffins

Of course, the Birthday Hat

Kitty is always involved
The Man just congratulated me on "raising another human creature to reasonable survivability."  She walks, she talks a bit, Bpoppah (Papa), Deeee-deeee (Kitty or anything fuzzy n' furry), Yiah-yiaaah (Fiona), makes "nyumm-nyumm" noises if she wants food, or if she thinks something might be food.  She signs almost consistently now, unless she's upset which has shown her to be a tummy-tantrum girl.  E will throw herself on her tummy, spread eagle, and complain loudly.  Little tantrums are beginning to show up, throwing her body around when I wouldn't pick her up immediately today, bonking her head only causing more frustration.  She nods, which is a little unusual for her age, and she'll shake her head as well.  Getting closer to Toddler, Baby E, is very nearly walking on her own.  It's especially entertaining for Big Sister to aid her walking around stores by guiding whatever cart we happen to push.  E will give us "big eyes" when we attempt to correct or guide her away from something.  She's still very noisy, jabbering, humming, plain outright yelling, "buchika-buchika-buchika" among her mouth sounds---is it possible that this one might talk more than the other one??

Here I sit a proud proud Momma with a super great big 5 year old, and a slightly smaller super great big 1 year old.  So neat!

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