Friday, March 20, 2009

Trading Underpants

I have a friend, a friend I met at the "Turtle Park" playground. We knew immediately that we'd get along 'cause we let our kids pee outside as needed. Today, a long lounging hang out, from R.E.I grand opening to the mall 'round about. R.E.I is expensive folks, even with all the "discounts" and membership stuff. Miss Fiona picked out a fabulous new sun hat. Sadly she's outgrown her much adored strawberry hat. Would that I could magically make it bigger, it's the hat from Maui, the hat she wore for every beaching trip, the hat that smells like that lovely baby sunscreen. *sigh* The New Hat has whales on it, blue and green, with orange tiny fishes and the occasional quadropus. When she spied it---even though I put all the available hats on the floor in a row, to be sure---the Blue Whale Hat won out over them all. My friend and her son picked a new hat, also, making a cute little shopping trip. The New Hat Crew rode the kids motor train together, by themselves---so exciting and special!

Last summer, we visited the zoo with Miss M and her son. Fiona had an accident, silly of me not to have enough extra clothes on hand, so we borrowed underpants from them. We got to repay the favor today, 'cause Little Mister had an accident. Apparently he was unnerved at first 'cause he thought it was Cinderella underpants he borrowed, but never fear it's Curious George instead...never-you-mind the ruffle 'round the waist.
I ask you, how great is life when we have friends to trade underpants? Great indeed!

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Trishie said...

your little one sounds absolutely adorable !