Friday, March 6, 2009

Fish Stickers, too

It's 07:20, god bless coffee, I just removed a sticker from the nape of my neck. A fish sticker...which isn't surprising considering the first thing she did yesterday upon opening the package was attach all the stickers to her her knees. If you're new to parenting, here's a tip: stickers migrate. The bike trailer interior has been partly papered with sparkly Power Puff Girls.

Lately it's all about the fish, sharks, whales, octopus, and divers. Most especially purple diver, pink diver, blue diver, and green diver. Diver is around a lot, as is Peter Pan---who by the way, cannot seem to figure out how to buckle himself in while we're driving in the car. One day Peter Pan was flying outside the car, following us apparently. I opened the window to let him in, and then of course, Fiona made sure that I buckled him in properly---lucky it was before the light changed. The make believe play is amazing, unending, with limitless possibilities. Need to get to the grocery store, the salon, or the bike shop? Have biddy-pink stroller, will travel. Don't have any money? "Here's some purple money, mom!" Need a cake? She bakes one of colored agates and old Mardi Gras beads. Another tip: for stirring-pouring-baking in the play kitchen, cheap bead strands make for great cooking accessories, plus they're colorful which makes awesome cupcakes.

Newly considering Homeschooling and part time work. Although, eyeballing the next Training Plan, it seems that I'll need to magic some new hours into the day, I think if I could just get an extra 4 hours, make a 16 hour day/night instead of 12, that would just be peachy. With the time change this weekend maybe there'll me more time as well as daylight? Hmm.