Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blizz Buzz

It was a blizzard, an actual blizzard...which I now understand is defined by winds mostly. Looked like any other snow we've had, but it wasn't letting up at all. Then the wind kicked up somethin' fierce---40+mph, I'm told. When it first started, we talked about going outside to play, we almost made it before the gusts started. Fiona was disappointed, but then she hadn't shown much interest in donning anything more than her new fave attire, The Pink Tulle Dress. She's been wearing it practically every day since I purchased it. Only removed to be washed, then it's on again. The tulle has already taken a beating what with the cat, the car seat Velcro, rock climbing, sand sitting---the condition of the dress simply does not matter to her. She loves it intensely, cannot bear to be parted from it much longer than it takes to wash. Yesterday, after arriving home, she made a trip to the potty, I discovered her moments later stripped out of her warm clothes in order to put on The Dress.

Anyway, we talked about the severe weather outside, sitting on the couch looking out the big front window, horizontal snow, garbage cans trekking mid-street, street sign shaking steadily, "See, sweetheart? It wouldn't be much fun to go out in that right now." She said, "A whizzard momma! It's a whizzard!" Too bad she picked up the BL- part of the word very quickly, I wouldn't mind much if she'd wandered about referring to the impressive weather as a "whizzard". We found lots of things to do, it was the first time we'd been home all day, in-doors in a while. Little One actually suggested Hide-and-Seek, to my utter surprise. I was stunned for an instant because it's a completely new game to us, not sure where she picked it up. "Sure! Let's play!" I commenced counting, she went to hide. Wandering about the house, saying all the requisite phrases to enhance anticipation of being found, "Oh, where is Fiona? Where could she be?" And of course, "Where's my little girl?" She hid well, behind some long items hanging from a shelf in the down stair bathroom. Then it was my turn to hide, which I had only a moment to do 'cause Little Girl doesn't count much. I took off away from the bathroom and crouched behind one louvered door of the laundry area. To an adult it was a ridiculous "hiding" place, with a child it's perfect. Fiona, however, did not see me as I thought she might, her attention focused instead on the stairs, and as she ascended them, she's calling out, "Where's my biiiig woman? Where's my big wooooman?" I only barely succeeded in stifling my giggles at that. After Gary came home early (highways were closing) we made blizzard cookies, thoroughly enjoying the spontaneous mini -holiday.

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Trishie said...

so so adorable !