Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Underpants Dance

It's a happy dance, the underpants dance, it truly is. With the idea that the Toddleator wasn't really making a solid connection with keeping a diaper dry, she picked out some 'big girl' underpants at Target yesterday. Curious George won the day, or as we are referring to them "monkey underpants". Today she successfully kept her new grown-up cotton undies dry all day---with exception of a poopie accident while sleeping. How one could poop during sleep without being disturbed, well, I don't understand it. So, in addition to a home-made chart of flowers, one for each day, to "house" all of her triumphant sparkly bug stickers (rewards for successful pee-pee or poo-poo, wiping, disposal, & hand washing), I have a system in place for the toilet learning. As a bonus for going a whole day keeping underpants dry, she got some "pony" cotton undies, too (as in My Little Pony). It interests me that almost all things "firsts" for kids seems to have a logo, some selling cartoon. Fiona really doesn't recognize much of these 'cause she doesn't watch that much TV. She enjoys her Dora back-pack, not because it's Dora but simply because it is her back-pack. Curious George is one of the rare movies that I wholly accept, without reservation, for her to watch. Others include Cars, Surf's Up, and Nemo although I would have preferred to wait another year for the latter...in addition to Shrek. She still likes Baby Einstein stuff, haven't tried Little Einsteins yet, Blues Clues and Teletubbies are favorites though. AND VeggieTales are great, I hope to simply purchase them all as a package one day.

Speaking of things she enjoys, WHO gifted the XYLOPHONE for her birthday??? There was NO NOTE! I like to send thank you notes to people, but was at a loss when considering the xylophone. Toddleator loves when we play music class, that xylophone is fantastic.
Anyway, here we are, pluggin' along, waiting for the next big thing!

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