Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 year old---in FULL effect

Have you ever seen anyone eat meatloaf from a cup? It's not graceful. As I write, Toddleator is "drinking" her meatloaf and peas from one of her favorite purple cups. Given the time and leeway she'll eat a considerable amount, the appetite waxes and wanes though. Some days are nonstop eating, while others it's difficult to see how she still has energy to do anything with what she hasn't eaten.
Today I heard "NO" a LOT. Feels a lot like I'm caught in a thick haze, and little angry stubborn gnomes are popping out at me at random, shrieking, flailing, shouting pejorative "NO"s. Ah the absolute adventure that is The Toddleator. TWO in full effect I assure you. Last Friday was a classic tantrum, in wide open public, she and I were on display. At a water park, after paying what seemed an unfair amount for a toddler and a mom (who we know will get no fun from this), my little mermaid 'swam' for almost an hour. When she started the fall-down-every-time-mama-asks-a-question routine I decided it was time TO GO. This is really the first time that she's been completely out of hand in public, it was embarassing, it was humbling, it was enormously frustrating...I can't believe I made it out alive, with her.
So it goes.
It's hot here at the moment, and I'm no longer worth a damn when it's hot outside. I've had to switch my running/biking to the earlier mornings as much as possible, 'cause it seems that I overheat pretty easily now. If it's going to the 9's, I won't exert myself out-of-doors after 10 am, I learned that today. Now with a brutally vague migraine-esque headache, puffy head, and Toddleator who has decided to "shush" me she she doesn't like what I've suggested as the next thing (i.e. done with dinner? get down from chair), folks I am toast. IF and only IF it cools off sufficiently, I might make brownies...but it's almost 7 and looks like ye olde mercury is still waaaay up there. Thank goodness there is little humidity here!

p.s. now she's progressed to bloating her face around the aforementioned cup until pressure released...silly :)
p.p.s HOORAY for Papa! He once again rescued the beloved blankie from the wasteland of lost toys in Wash Park.

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