Monday, June 16, 2008

'appy PahPah Daeey!

A shaft of sunlight bisects the dinner table. Mid-sentence from me, The Toddleator goes slightly un-focused wide-eyed and "ppffffff" as if blowing out a candle. She's spotted the dust in the sunlight again---not that our place is dusty, mind you, it's just those particles that are highlighted by the laserbeam afternoon sunlight. Yesterday she was exceptionally cute, it was probably due to the mass of barrettes coiled into her coif by the ever-adored Papa. After a big breakfast we visited "the fiiiishesss" at The Aquarium Downtown again, but this time Papa came and Toddleator was able to show him around the place...and mama got to go potty alone, what a treat! After a nice lunch we napped and then visited Bonnie Brae Ice Cream for cones and a 'nana split. If you're ever in Denver, Bonnie Brae is a must visit, in ye olde ice cream shop tradition, it's awesome.

Later on, after a potty trip herself, Little One snacked on a black crayon and colored herself blue. Ah the joys of creative toddlerhood---she was coloring while potty-ing, I guess she got a bit off track.

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