Monday, March 24, 2008

Eggsactly, Eggstaticly, Eggsuberantly & Fit to be Dyed

Eggs-treme concentration, that's what it takes to put tiny Paas stickers on newly dyed eggs. The eggs died? No they've DYED. It was a quiet Easter, it snowed, no egg hunting took place in the yard. And as cute as it might be to watch kids wrestle for eggs, I just don't think the mass egg hunts are all that fun---plus, Fiona doesn't appear to be all that agressive or competitive, yet. After coloring the eggs with Gary, she decided she wanted to try to carry them in her stuffed-chick-Easter-basket, but it's a bit heavy for her with 6 or so eggs, and the basket quickly took a tumble and the eggs cracked up, a la Humpty Dumpty. So that was the extent of, and end of, Easter eggs for this year. I made some kick ass deviled eggs, of course, those hardly lasted the afternoon.

Sugar is like crack for kids. For holidays I haven't really given Fiona much true candy, it's been Gerber's fruit snacks...and fruit is almost the last thing on the ingredients list. After her big-eyed eggs-itement discovering fruit snacks inside an egg, Fiona made short work of the 2 packages, add the fruit strips to that, and some juice, she was zooming around the place like a, well, like a kid on a sugar high. To my credit I was able to get some eggs in her after the sugar gorge, it doesn't help that Gary likes to share his Jelly Bellys with her though. So most of the day was spent watching what sugar really does to a toddler. It's actually not so bad until the crash. She started searching for more sugar right before her melt down. We knew what she was looking for and put the rest of the sweet stuff out of reach and mostly out of sight. When the Toddleator did actually crash, it was a thrashing, whining, screaming, fit. Immediately she was put in the crib and within 10 minutes she was asleep. Later we had a nice dinner, watched most of "Finding Nemo", which Gary and I theorize was as intense for Fiona as "I Am Legend" was for he & I. (Incidentally, both "I Am Legend" and "No Country for Old Men" are fantastic movies)

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