Monday, February 18, 2008

Lock Out

Locks are great. Too many locks can be a nuisance. While in California, we both got into the habit of not using keys at all, since we had a garage, it was too easy to enter through there with use of garage door openers.
Since we moved in, October-ish, I locked myself out of this apartment 3 times by December. Once, Gary was on his way home luckily. Another time, Fiona was napping, and luckily one rear window and screen were both open. The last time, I only left my keys in the back door, locked both Fiona & I out of the outer door, a neighbor was arriving home so she let us in. To be clear, I have 5 keys for this place. Back door stairwell, and apartment rear door, front stairwell and apartment front door, the last one for the carriage house/garage. Then a little one to grow on for the mail box.
Today, UPS buzzed, I went out the front to sign for delivery, the front door blew shut. Fiona was in her room listening to Music Together cd and looking at books. I'm not even sure she knew what happened 'cause that is exactly what she was doing when I got back inside. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes or less. Joe-the-UPS-guy, god bless him, let me use his phone---my memory for the new phone numbers is sketchy at best. Technology is so easy now, all I need is the voice dial on my phone, never an actual phone number. I had even called and visited our landlady this morning and couldn't conjure her number, she wasn't listed either. So, Joe-the-super-UPS-guy sticks around to make sure I get back inside, he let me use his keys to rip the back screen, unlatch the hooks, and climb inside. Thank goodness I had the windows open this morning!
And as I said, Fiona was completely oblivious to the ordeal, I washed my hands from my ape-like antics and joined her in her room. (I'm lucky we're only on the first-n'-a-half floor.)

On an entirely separate note, there has been poop in the the little Christmas potty. Also, like the pee-pee incident, I believe a fluke. Immediately after a nap, I asked Fiona if she wanted to sit on the pot, she assented, and a little while later, voila! Poo in the pot! Gary & I applauded, she seemed non-plussed, I think the connection is beginning though. I've read that kids can't make the connection that they are making the poo & pee until they've seen it happen. So, I dunno, it's progress. Given the right timing and my rapt attention to her bodily processes (like most moms, I suppose) I'm trying to make a point of "catching" her before she poops, and getting her on the potty. But, again, it's a process, and I understand.

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