Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yes, she went pee-pee in her potty. I'm almost sure at this point that it was a fluke. The night of Superbowl, before pajamas, after diaper removal, Toddleator ran to the bathroom saying, "Pee-pee! Pee-pee". I didn't think too much of this 'cause she's enjoyed sitting on the potty, "pretending" since Santa brought it at Christmas. When she came back to put on her jammies, I noticed her bum was damp, on the way to the bathroom I checked for puddles, there were none---there was pee in the little potty though! WOW, Gary & I were both amazed. In the 48 hours since then though the process has not repeated itself. So, no biggie, it's a process, it takes time to learn to potty.

On another note, NEVER let an alert toddler know that you are also "awake" at 3am. Fiona had been lively, talking & playing, for almost a half hour; I had to potty, she heard me and started in with the "Mommy? Mommy...mommy...mommy?" When I did go to her and groggily explained in a whisper that it was still nighttime, time for sleeping...she had a full-on squealin'-mad tantrum in her crib. I think she awoke thinking it was dawn, the snow was so very bright outside. After attempting to console her, a quick diaper change in the crib, and then talking to her about how sad she must be (it certainly sounded that way), explaining a few times that it was indeed still night...I gave up and figured she'd cry it out, which she did. Eventually quieting at about 4:30 I think. Needless to say the following day was a bit rough for us both.

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Pine said...

Hi, Ada. I stumbled across your blog today and had to leave you a note to say HOWDY! I hope you're enjoying Colorado. :)

-Pine, a fellow Texan