Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pregnant Once, Pregnant Twice, Pregnant Thrice

Yes, thrice, as in third, numero tres, troi.  

I knew before it was confirmed by doctor (of course), and had felt so good I wasn't sure I was correct except for that big missing red flag.  Interesting though how my mind might try and trick me just because I hadn't had "a professional" tell me what my body (and spirit) already knew.

One morning totally random dry heaving...mentioned to The Man, who, while in shock and some periodic discomforting disbelief, handled it in stride.  I was in some denial as well because of this surprise, but the signs were unmistakable.  Eventually, we made it to an OB appointment to chat with Doc and have a quickie ultrasound to peek-a-boo everything is in perfect order (per usual).  There was some discussion about "advanced maternal age" which is some quasi-arbitrary standard by which the medical establishment appears to push more testing and fear into pregnant momma minds.  We said, thank you and NO thank you, to that fear based mindset, all is well, and will continue to be so.

Miss Monkey is totally excited, loudly announcing and re-re-announcing to everyone we know, and trying sometimes to get strangers to ask after the subject by petting and hugging an kissing my newly (barely) protruding belly.  That was a short while go, now I'm fully into "beer gut" phase---the phase when, to the unpracticed youthful eye it looks like I've been hanging around keggers for a few months too long.  

Toddleator E is somewhat aware of what's happening mostly due to her big sister's example.  Both The Man & I have remarked that it's almost as if she knew she was a middle well before this occurrence  she's exceedingly silly and innocently sweet (most especially when her sister is misbehaving).   I am intermittently concerned about her adjustment this spring, but know that that is out of my hands mostly.  I will simply do my best to be present with her in some simple ritual every day (like naptime has become).

Another word for God is "SURPRISE!" and we are so blessed I can't be grateful enough.  Another spring time baby, our timing must be a little off though as this one seems to be slated for late May rather than early---I'll have to take this up with The Man. 

Happy Day!

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