Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I do plan to write, I expect to write, I intend to write...then I jot down ideas I want to hit upon, then life happens and I get involved.  This morning I figure I'd sit and write then had to take out the recycles 'cause my timing has been off for the past month or more--I finally had to phone the company to ensure I had the correct days on the calendar.  Follow that snowy trip to the curb with a realization that the garage was totally out of hand, I was compelled to reorganize, and finally I'll Today though there's big snowy weather, and while we're not trapped by any means, I can make good on my intentions with just an hour, and I'll feel better having gotten an outlet for some creativity.  It's less than a week to Christmas, we've enjoyed a too-brief visit from the grandparents (due to ensuing snow storm), the shopping is complete as far as children are concerned, and there are gingerbread houses & cookies sitting around thanks to Grandma.  Now that there is some real snow, I'm happily in holiday mode.

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