Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Hallow's Eve

There was another meet, a Halloween Party, trunk or treat for the homeschool connection, another Halloween party for Toddleator E at her little school, then carving pumpkins squeezed in, and finally tonight the real trick or treating happens and we're spent.  How on earth did Halloween get to be such a crazy busy holiday?  It's not even a "real" holiday either, meaning not a bank holiday.  Though I have to say the day was  really nice.  Wednesday are our total home day, we don't have to get up to be anywhere, it's a beautiful fall day.  I made killer pumpkin waffles with cinnamon syrup (which, now that I think on it, The Man may have tossed the remainder--booo).

Masks on, costumes donned we headed out and about our community to Threaten Tricks unless Treated.  People were very generous as it seems there weren't many kids out, Miss Monkey's bucket was full and Monka-doodle's sack was weighing her arm and slowing the toddler speed down another notch.

A fun and happy occasion for all.

There are ALL the pumpkins carved for the occasion, 2 extra from a party.

What you see here is a nice healthy smoothie "enhanced" with Hallow's Eve candy.  : /

And now, bulleting into November, fall is a season for change and many changes are occurring.  I'll have more on that later I think.  For now, I'm grateful and joyful, for we are so blessed.

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