Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live Where

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

My dream house, on land with trees and a wide stream, alpine meadow-ish within a day hike to the ocean.  Where there are four fully expressed beautiful seasons, the spring rainstorms of my Texas childhood, the snow of the Rockies, the ocean of Maui, and forest to play.

The House I envision...

A ranch style with a great basement, and possibilities.  It's open design, south or west facing, but bedrooms on the east side I think.  Big lot, many diverse trees, room to grow plants and creatures including children. Old style windows, easy open, maybe even walk through, allowing that gorgeous morning breeze to flow through....and then double paned for those snowy winters.  There's a boiler with radiant heat throughout, eco-savvy heating and cooling is ideal.  The roof is of a beautiful durable eco-conscious material, the lighting is recessed and adjustable, there are skylights in high ceilings.  Solar panels are feeding part of our energy needs.

This house has wood floors throughout, the kind one doesn't have to worry about walking on after mopping, tile bathrooms, maybe carpeted bedrooms.  Industrial style organization bins in the kitchen, butcher block counter and table, non-reactive stone or solid color granite counter-top.  There is a real exhaust hood above the big beautiful gas range and gas double oven.  I like the idea of a professional grade rubberized flooring, with a drain for the kitchen. Big sinks, not black, not stainless, I prefer enamel or porcelain.  I like the look of pale wood with white for cleanliness and light.  The glass cabinets show off both my matching dishes and the eclectic collection I've accumulated thus far.  Counter-top garages for appliances, outlets abound.  A fireplace serves both the living area and the kitchen for those experimental fire-cooking nights.

The bedrooms are inviting and bright.  The master bath has vanity mirrors and sinks, multi-direction shower heads, steam capability, pebbled shower floor, deep tub, and water pressure that will ease the rinsing of thick hair.  There is a bidet in the master, and of course water-conserving toilets throughout. 

Storage cabinets and bookshelves are built-in throughout this house, convenient for each living area, and accommodating to children playing hide & seek.  The closets are all smart spaces, with plenty of options for clothing storage.  The mudrooms at front and rear of this house have plenty hooks and cubbies.  There is a laundry chute in the bedroom hallway leading right down to my gorgeous efficient large capacity washer and dryer.  (btw: efficient must describe getting the clothes clean, in addition to use of water and electricity)  There in the laundry is a built in drying rack, and a big clean workspace for folding, sorting, etc.

The Man has his own studio area, with custom bathroom and television outfitted to his specifications.  There is a yoga & meditation room, possibly a detached shala, floor to ceiling windows so practice can be open to out doors.  There is at least one outdoor room, steps from the kitchen, for grilling & guests, the kids play bocce, soccer, and kick ball in the yard.

The playroom is also my play room.  Again built-in cubbies and shelving, plenty of storage space.  A wide, high table for my crafts, and desk items, with comfy bar height stools, and outlets all around.  A lower table for smaller persons to work on their projects.  A chalkboard wainscot all around cork flooring, The Man has painted a garden mural on one wall.

And this house is open to all our family and friends at any time, there is only love here and we let it flourish wildly...I don't have to dream this part up though, it's already real.

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