Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make a Different Dinner

Precious few moments of real time alone because they both happen to be asleep---OMG---at the same time!  I find myself in a small panic trying to prioritize what needs to get done, and yes of course I head to the interwebz.  And here's why:

Last night, dinner was cheap kit chili, easy, fast.  When asked by the elder of the two, "What is for dinner?" I answered "chili, with corn tortilla chips, sour cream, and cheese."  She starts caterwauling, pleading for something different.  In our house the kitchen is not a restaurant, we eat what I cook, I cook what is available and healthy.  Sometimes there is occasion for chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or fish sticks, but not every night.

Oh, but wait! When said chili morphs into NACHOS, she excitedly eats her plateful.  Same items for dinner, simple change of presentation.  Make it fun and they will eat it.  Simple snack of cheese & apple, turns into alien looking spidery creatures, and she's happy to clear that plate as well.  Stellar!

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Melissa Kline said...

My boys are both picky eaters. I thought # 2 wouldn't be as picky, but as we are heading into year 3, his food preferences are diminishing. Luckily # 1 has gotten over most of his pickiness, which I thought would last forever. :)