Thursday, February 10, 2011

She sits, she eats, she crawls, she has hair

It it truly amazing how different these two little persons are already.  Same gender, same parents, different people.  Amaze-me.

Baby E started crawling 3 weeks ago.  She has more hair than F ever did at this point, she's definitely an "eater".  She'll put anything that'll fit into her mouth.  She's noisy.  Commenting, talking, YELLing, squealing, humming while she eats, humming while she goes back to sleep, making the insistent "AAAHH!" and looking intently to her person of interest, the babble is almost continuous.  The humming is a key for me to know when she's crawling about she's got something in her mouth.

And now, pulling up to standing on everyone and anything with in arms reach.  These are the moments when connections are made daily, we can watch the connections.  I can see her thinking something over, judging a distance, learning how to make her body do what she wants, considering her options with direction and reward.  For a day or so all she did was crawl from room to room, thoroughly enjoying that simple power.  I can see the pure pride of conquering a new skill. Too too fun!

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