Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nuggets of Enthusiasm

On a mama daughter sans baby sister evening, I took Miss Monkey to her first Nuggets game.  She was beside herself with excitement.
The seats were nosebleed, it didn't matter, we had space to stretch out and the kiddos could move around a bit.  She hailed the cotton candy guy, with authority I might add.  I didn't have the heart to fight'im off once he'd climbed all the stairs to our seats.
Then she talked our friends into buying her a hot dog, and succeeded in only eating half---second hot dog of the day for her as it's AFC/NFC champ day and Papa has "football food" in the works.
Just before leaving she played tag with young sir friend in the giant foyer of Pepsi Center, good thing she worked off some sugar rush before we headed home.  On the way out, she ran for cover to each giant sculpture, trash recepticle, and boulder hiding from "bad guys" a la Star Wars blaster fire fight.

A fun-filled evening, and though we left after half time I think it was just the perfect amount of time spent...she isn't yet 5 and asking her to sit through the second half with a sugar rush and past bedtime wouldn't have set us up for success.

So grateful that we are healthy, safe, and blessed.

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